Public Hearing

In simple words, public hearing is public gathering where concerned authority, officials, and public interact about public works. Public hearings are events organized to bring stakeholders, common citizens, and officials of public agencies face to face to hold open and frank discussions on a matter of public concern in an open public place. Public hearings […]

Bull Summary

Summary The Bull is a one act play written by famous Nepali poet and Dramatist Bhimnidhi Tiwari. The play shows the strong love of Ranabahadur Shah towards four footed animal. He was fond of bulls. The play makes a satire on the feudal system which dehumanizes human beings in the 18th Century. The play turns […]

The Awakening Age

The Awakening Age Ben Okri Summary Ben Okri, a Nigerian poet and novelist, in his poem “The Awakening Age” projects the sufferings, obstacles and hardships of the African Negroes and appeals for the peace, prosperity, happiness, unity, harmony and solidarity among the people of the world. The awakening age refers to the time when African […]

Soft Storm

This poem “Soft Storm” has been composed by a prolific poet, playwright and critic Abhi Subedi. Here in this poem, the poet Abhi Subedi, with a touch of compassion, contemplates over the absurdities of tumultuous times. This poem is based on observation and analysis of the main speaker or the poet. Here in this poem, […]

My old Home

My old Home Lu Xun Summary This short personal narrative story written by the Chinese writer Lu Xun deals with conflict between childhood memories and present realities. It carries the subject of friendship and trustship. The main narrator of this story is the writer himself who has presented his childhood memories and present realities. According […]

I Was My Own Route

Summary I Was My Own Route ‘I Was My Own Route’ is a that carries the theme of women’s liberation, freedom and social justice. The poet depicts how the women are burdened with the patriarchal ideologies from the past. Therefore, de Burgos urges the women to detach themselves from the past so as to redefine […]

Humility ( state of being modest or humble)

Humility ( state of being modest or humble) Yuval Noach Harari Summary The essay ‘Humility’ is written by a renowned essayist of Jerusalem, Yuval Yuval Noah Harari. It deals with the conflicting history of human civilization. Here, he exemplifies the virtue of humility in that he debunks humanity’s illusions of superiority and mastery. He claims […]

Facing Death by August Strindberg

Facing Death by August Strindberg Summary  The play ‘Facing Death’ is written by Swedish playwright August Strindberg. The playwright dramatizes a heroic sacrifice made by a bankrupt man for the sake of his daughter. It is a one-act plays carrying the theme of deep love and sacrifice of father towards children. The play also talks […]

Data warehousing vs Data Mining

Difference between Data Warehousing and Data Mining: Data warehousing and data mining are types of data analyzing and storing techniques. The data mining process relies on the data warehousing process. The major difference between data warehousing and data mining is that data warehousing is a technique to compile information inside the data warehouse and data […]

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