Governance Systems In Nepal

Governance Systems (Historical Development) In Nepal

1.5 Governance Systems (Historical Development) In Nepal

The governance system of any country is determined by the historical, geographical, political, socio-cultural, customary and international environmental factors. Nepal has come through different governance system form the past, which can be categorized as under :-

  1. Period of Darkness (Before 2007 B.S.)
  2. Period of Democracy Realization (2007-2017 B.S.)
  3. Period of Controlled Reform (2017-2046 B.S.)
  4. Period of Democratization (2046-2064 B.S.)
  5. Post Democratization / Democratic Republic (2065-present)

Characteristics of Governance System in Nepal:-

Current governance system of Nepal, as provisioned by the Constitution of Nepal, can be characterized as:

  • Federal governance system.
  • Parliamentary governance system.
  • Democratic republication governance system.
  • Politically and economically liberalized system.
  • Multi-tier governance (Federation, Provinces and Local Levels)
  • Administrative decentralized governance system.
  • Inclusive and socialism-oriented governance system.
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