Some Medical Technical Words

Some Medical Technical Words

Some Medical Technical Words

Ambulation : To make the patient work

Prescription : Note given by the doctor about medicine

Quack : A fake doctor

Catheter : Pipe used for bringing out urine

Cadaver : Deadbody

Analgesic : Drug that reduce pain

Anti pyretic : Drug that decreases fever. eg. paracetamol

Anesthetic : Drug that makes man unconscious

Sputum : For medical Treatment like – Routine, Sputum, Culture

Stool : For medical Treatment like – Stool Test

Pediatrics : The branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children and adolescents

Geriatrics/Geriatric Medicine – Health care of elderly people

Obstretics : Study about pregnancy

Gynaecology : Study about female diseases

Microbiology : Study of micro organisms

Pahtology : Study of abnormal structure and function

Pharmocology : Study of drugs and its preparation

Surgery : Study about operation

Forensic medicine : Study of Cause of death and identity

Post Mortem/Autopy : Study of cause of death, medical examination dead body.

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