Soft Storm

Soft Storm - Short Summary

This poem “Soft Storm” has been composed by a prolific poet, playwright and critic Abhi Subedi. Here in this poem, the poet Abhi Subedi, with a touch of compassion, contemplates over the absurdities of tumultuous times. This poem is based on observation and analysis of the main speaker or the poet.

Here in this poem, we find nine different stanzas in irregular lengths where the refrain “I became soft” has created a rhythmic melody in the poem. The speaker of the poem seems quite sad to find absurdities in his surroundings during his observation during the nighttime. He roams various places of Kathmandu valley and experiences various negativities that have made him sad in a very soft as well as aggressive way. He is not satisfied to find overall aspects of his place and expresses his dissatisfaction over all these absurdities of tumultuous times.

The speaker of this poem has presented the bitter reality of our country as well as people where various negativities have affected the lives of the people. Here, the term “soft” has been used in various situations which refers to the speaker’s sadness and aggression. The speaker of this poem has grown soft in various situations. He has put forward various situations such as tumult, mysterious stillness, useless gossips of politics, rituals and reasons, polluted and barbarous seamless city, indifferent relationships between humans, hunger, cries, conditions of children and mother, crimes, pains and oppressions, fake promises etc. The speaker of the poem has satirized all these worse aspects as well as the people of his place where so-called law and orders are prevalent. He has tried to present the bitter reality of the nighttime of his place.

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