Nepal Oil Corporation old questions of IT officer (2077-11-01)

Nepal Oil Corporation old questions of IT officer (2077-11-01)

1. What is the OSI reference model? Describe the Network layer, a component of the OSI model. Explain with examples about public and private IP addressing. (2+4+4=10.)

2. What are the basic concepts of object-oriented programming? Describe it in brief. What is Artificial intelligence (AI)? List some applications of AI. (5+5=10)

3. Define Dynamic Programming. Write about the features and drawbacks of dynamic programming. Fefine Counter. Differentiate between an asynchronous counter and a synchronous counter. (1+4+1+4=10).

4. What is the addressing mode? Explain different types of addressing modes with a suitable example. (2+8=10).

5. Explain the various types of models that are used in software engineering. (10)

6. The consistency and reliability aspects of transactions are due to the acidity properties of transactions. Discuss each of these properties and how they relate to concurrency control and recovery mechanisms. Give examples as well. (4+3+3=10).

7. What is deadlock? How do you avoid deadlock? Discuss. (10)

8. When is the ‘type checking’ usually done? Explain clearly. Explain briefly the graphics hardware and its applications. (5+5=10).

9. Define filters. Explain the types of filters by drawing a suitable diagram. What is a transistor? Differentiate between Oscillators and Amplifiers. (1+4+1+4=10).

10. How does parallel computing work? Describe it with examples. (10)

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