Maintain A Cheerful Attitude

Maintain A Cheerful Attitude

Most of the people do not know the secret of keeping youthful. Of the many suggestions made by doctors, a 6-hour sleep stands as the most important. People who complain sleeplessness are sedentary workers. They sit in their office; they sit hours on end before their TV or radio; they take little exercise. Instead of walking up to a friend, they talk to him over the phone. At the end of the day, they are not sufficiently tired to earn their sleep.

People who do sedentary jobs sitting in the workplace, need regular exercises. Hobbies which are more than a mere pastime also help in the relaxation of mind and muscles.

People who wish to break monotony and boredom, should do a while variety of household chores. They should do little of each to break the boredom.

Anger, jealously, hatred are emotions which disturb sleep. Friendship, cheer, good actions give mental satisfaction and sleep. Anyone can stay young by getting inspiration from persons who have remained creative all their lives.

Men and women have to maintain a cheerful attitude. They are as young as their faith, as old as their doubt, as young as their self-confidence, as old as their fear, as young as their hope, as old as their hopelessness. So long as their heart receives messages of beauty, cheer and courage from fellow beings and from the supreme power so long are they young and youthful.

Stay young by continuing to grow with a cheerful attitude.

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