LL. B Entrance Model Question

Model Question LL. B Entrance

LL. B Entrance Model Question

  1. Define jurisprudence/Meaning of jurisprudence.
  2. Explain the kinds of jurisprudence.
  3. Illustrate the main branches of jurisprudence.
  4. Write the differences between Historical and Natural Law school.
  5. What do you mean by property? Mention the importance of property.
  6. Define the concept of justice.
  7. Why needs the justice? Explain.
  8. Describe the relevance of justice in Nepalese Society and Nepalese legal system.
  9. Write the definition of rights and classify of it.
  10. Describe the interrelation between rights and duties.
  11. What is constitution? Explain the provision of education.
  12. Describe the elements of possession.
  13. Declare relationship between possession and ownership.
  14. Show difference between possession and ownership.
  15. Define role of Animus possidendi involved in the principle of Corporal possession with suitable illustrations.
  16. Explain the types of possession.
  17. Give the meaning of ownership.
  18. Who is person? Explain the kinds of person.
  19. Highlight the basic differences between natural person and legal person.
  20. What do you mean by constitutional body? Explain.
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