LL. B Entrance Examination Questions -2077

Faculty of law Nepal Law Campus LL. B Entrance Examination -2077

LL. B Entrance Examination Questions -2077

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far practicable: (20*5=100).

  1. Define jurisprudence/Meaning of jurisprudence.
  2. “law is the command of sovereign” justify.
  3. What is the concept of justice? Discuss.
  4. “Ignorance of law is no excuse” of comment?
  5. What are the various sources of law?
  6. What is precedent? Mention its role as a source of law.
  7. “Rights and duties are correlated” justify.
  8. Briefly discuss about the concept of property.
  9. What is person? Discuss the legal status of a dead person.
  10. Discuss about the concept of feminism.
  11. “Law is an instrument of social Engineering” Clarify.
  12. Why law is considered essential in every society?
  13. “jurisprudence is considered an Eye of Law”. Clarify.
  14. What is executive power? Where it is vested in Nepal?
  15. What is constitution and discuss its importance.
  16. What are the major sources of constitutional law?
  17. What are the various fundamental rights of Nepalese citizen?
  18. How election commission of Nepal is composed? Explain.
  19. Discuss about the extra-ordinary jurisdiction of supreme court of Nepal?
  20. How federal parliament composed in Nepal?
  21. Describe in brief about the concept of rule of law?
  22. What is the constitutional provision for the election of president in Nepal?
  23. Describe in brief about the constitutional development in Nepal.
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