Computer Officer old questions of Nepal Technical Service (2079/11/16)

Computer Officer old questions of Nepal Technical Service (2079/11/16)

Computer Officer old questions of Nepal Technical Service (2079/11/16)

Section -A : 30 Marks

1. Describe the architecture of computers with a block diagram. Mention how we can create and use AUTOEXE.BAT and CONFIG.SYS with an example. Also, differentiate between the Internet and Extranets. (6+4=10).

2. Compare and contrast between Breadth First Search (BFS) and Depth First Search (DFS) in graph data structure with suitable examples. (10)

3. Explain the building blocks of object oriented programming. Compare and contrast c++ programming with java. (6+4=10)

Section -B : 20 Marks

4. Why User involvement throughout the systems developments of a project is necessary? Describe various systems analysis and design techniques in detail with example. (3+7=10)

5. Explain about JAD and its purpose in system development process. Mention the roles of various JAD group members in the development of an information system. (5+5=10)

Section -C : 20 Marks

6. Explain in detail the various page replacement algorithms with examples. (10)

7. Answer the following. (a) Define normalization with its objectives. (b) Normalize the following data model upto 3NF showing all possible schema in each normal form: OrderNum, OrderTotal, OrderDate, CustNum, CustName, CustAdd, [(ProdNum, ProdName, QtyOrder, Prodprice, prodTotal)] [fields within bracket represent repeating fields] (c) After the data model is normalized upto 3NF, from the outcome schema, write the queries in relational algebra and SQL to find out the name of customer who has ordered the “Carpet”

Section -D : 30 Marks

8. What are the purpose of code optimization? Discuss about loop optimization with examples. Again, introducing E-Governance, Discuss any once success model of E-Governance in Nepal. (5+5=10)

9. Explain the Significance of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and the process of DNS Name Resolution as well. (5+5=10)

10. Describe about the provisions made in the Electronic Transaction Act for the procedures for granting of a license to certifying Authority, its renewal, suspension and revocation. (10)

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