Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

1. what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Explain the application areas of AI. How it effect the modern society?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require Intelligence when doen by humans. AI has had some success in limited, or simplified domains. AI is associated with various fields of computer and other science related field i.e. math, computer science psychology etcs. Simply AI is the study of making the computers do the various things at a particular time by the people.

Following are the some application areas of AI:

1. Entertainment : With the help of AI the computer programmer develop the various types of games such as chess, ludo and other various of games. To beat in such a game the player must know various alternatives ehich is likey to impossible by the normal persons.

2. Expert System : Expert system is such types of system which are design and developed by senior programmmer to the junior level programmer in the various types of field such as engineering, computer science and medical field. To develop such type`s intellectual property the AI is used.

3. Robots: It is the branch of engineering develop to the creation and training of robots. Roboticists work within a wide range of fields, such as mechinical and electonic engineering, cybernectics, bionics, and artificial intelligence, all toward the end of endowing their cration with as much sensory awareness, physical dexterity, independence, and flexibility as possible.

4. Understanding natural language: Natural Languages are those languages which can be easily understood by any person. Nowadays scientists are going to develop such types of hardware, software and other mechinery tools which can understand by any types of persons . These types of developing are possible only through AI.

5. Specch and skin recognition: Nowadays various types of machines are developing which can understand human voice and skin. For example nowadays the larger number of office are using such a attendance device which can recognize human finger.

6. Computer Vision : AI can be used to improve the vision of the real world object on computer so that we can view it with 3-Dimension.

AI have big impact in our society, in the field of education, job or our lives. The development of AI technologies might require the need of specialized manpower and thus, AI education may evolve and since education is proportional to employment, there are maximum chances of employment. AI will certainly affect the modern society by involvement of AI in doing many complex tasks that human being cannot do so far, and especially in research filed using AI tehcnology most of the developed countries are advancing in most of areas. The country like USA, Russia, China, India was able to send robot fully equipped with AI technology, which indeed provides lots of information about planet Mars. One day our living style also change with the proper use of AI and may our lives easier.

2. What are the different components of AI?

The different branches of AI constitute its components. The different components of AI are as follows:

(a.) Cognitive Science:

It focus on how the human brain works and how humans think and learn. Application in the cognitive science of AI are:

  • Expert Systems
  • Knowledge-base system
  • Adaptive learning system
  • Fuzzy logic system
  • Neural networks
  • Genetic algorithm software
  • Intelligent agents

(b.) Robotics :

AI, engineering, and physiology are the basic disciplines of robotics. we can produce robot machines with computer intelligence and humanlike physical capabilities. They are designed to give the powers of :

  • Navigation
  • Touch
  • Sight or Visual perception
  • Locomotion

(c.) Natural Interfaces :

Major thrusts in the area of AI and the development of natural interfaces are:

  • Natural Languages
  • Speech recognition
  • Virtual reality
  • Linguistics
  • Psychology

3. What is Expert system? Explain the fields of expert system.

It is an application program that makes decision of solves problems in a particular field, such as finance or medicine, by using knowledge and analytical rules defined by experts in the field.

Following are the different application fields of Expert System.

  • Classification – identify an object based on stated characteristics
  • Dignosis Systems – infer malfunction or disease from observable data
  • Monitoring – compare data from a continually observed system to prescribe behaviour
  • Process Control – control a physical process based on monitoring
  • Design – configure a system according to specifications
  • Scheduling & Planning – develop or modify a plan of action
  • Generation of options – generate alternative solutions to a problem
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