Who is system analyst? Highlight the characteristics of good system analyst.

A system analyst is a person involved in the analysis, the design, implementation and evaluation of computer-based information to support an organization’s decision-making and operation. To be effective, there must be several characteristics of a system analyst such as:

characteristics of system analyst:

  • knowledge of organization :

System analysts need to have a good understanding of organizational structure, methods of management and management, production and planning.

  • Analytical Mind:

The system analyst must have effective analytical mind and good vision to see the problem in different aspects of opportunity and solution.

  • Good Interpersonal Relationship:

System analyst must spend a lot of time talking to new system user to gather information about the system working and procedures, so the analyst must have qualities like good listener. Good communication skills and patient skills.

  • Must have a Good Learner:

System analyst must be ready to accept the changes because the development of the new system brought various changes in the system of existence at every stage. Thus, system analyst considered change agent. He should be a good learner to adopt the various advances in technology

  • Must have good knowledge of system development tools:

To develop the new system, system analyst must have good knowledge of system design and analysis tools.

  • knowledge of computer system and software packages:

System analyst must have the computing, data processing, various hardware, software , and operating system knowledge. He / she must be aware of market trends and new technologies and uses of those technologies.

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