What is system? Explain the different components/ elements of system.

A collection of components or elements that work together to perform a specific task is called a system or

System is a collection of components that interact or interdepend on each other and form an interconnected whole. A system can be defined as a collection of objects unified for a common purpose.

Followings are the different components of system.

  • Hardware : Equipment refers to the information-system physical layer. This requires servers, networks, routers, video capture systems and other equipment dependent on the technology.
  • Software : Software refers to the logical information system layer which makes the hardware work properly. This contains all system software (OS, computer manager, etc.) and software applications.
  • Data : Data are raw data, figures and measurements, etc. that are used as device inputs. It may be alphabets, numerals, numbers, and other symbols.
  • Processes : The process is the transformation of activity that converts the inputs into the output.
  • People : Users are talking to users communicating with an information network. The users within the company include administrators, technicians, sales agents, corporate officers etc. are called internal users, and clients , vendors, etc. are considered external users outside the company.

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