What is DBMS? Write its advantages and disadvantages.

Database management system is a software which defines a database, stores the data, supports query language, generates reports and creates screens for data entry. The collection of software is also known as DBMS to make it easier for the user to manage, build, delete and modify their data in a data base. MS-Access, MySQL, SQL server etc are examples of database management applications.

Advantages of DBMS:

  • Sharing of Data.
  • Redundancy can be reduced.
  • Data Security.
  • Data Integrity.
  • Better integration with end users.
  • Efficient systems.

Disadvantages of DBMS:

  • Difficult to understand and implement .
  • Costly.
  • Fast changing technology.
  • Too many rules.
  • Chance of losing the data.
  • Chance of data leakage and hacking.
  • Unavailability of trained manpower.

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