What is database? List the major use of database application software.

A database is a set of data that is stored in a structured format, designed for multiple users to access. The database is designed to handle a wide variety of data. Data management requires both the concept of the information storage system and the provision of data manipulation mechanisms. Examples of a database include a telephone record, a library collection of cards etc.

Applications of DBMS

SectorUse of DBMS
BankingFor customer information, account activities, payments, deposits, loans, etc.
AirlinesFor reservations and schedule information.
UniversitiesFor student information, course registrations, colleges and grades.
TelecommunicationIt helps to keep call records, monthly bills, maintaining balances, etc.
FinanceFor storing information about stock, sales, and purchases of financial instruments like stocks and bonds.
SalesUse for storing customer, product & sales information.
ManufacturingIt is used for the management of supply chain and for tracking production of items. Inventories status in warehouses.
HR ManagementFor information about employees, salaries, payroll, deduction, generation of paychecks, etc.

Followings are the uses of database application software:

  • It provides nice Query Flexibility .
  • It provides for mass storage of data.
  • It solves inconsistency problems means data integrity.
  • Database-level data protection features, record level, etc ..
  • Makes data independent of application programs.
  • It gives quick responses to user request for data.
  • It allows updating large volume of data at same time.

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