QN.1. …………………. is a group of interested components working together towards a common goal by accepting inputs and producing outputs in an organized transformation process.

A) System
B) Network
C) Team
D) System Unit

ANS: (A) System

2. To create vehicle of information to provide evidence in the development process and to monitor the process. This is one of the objectives of

A) Analysis
B) Design
C) Development
D) Documentation

ANS: (D) Documentation

3. A …………. System is no more than idea

A) Conceptual
B) Logical
C) Physical
D) All of the above

ANS: (A) Conceptual

4. By an external entity we mean a

A) Unit outside the system being designed which can be controlled by an analyst.
B) Unit outside the system whose behavior is independent of the system being designed
C) A unit external to the system being designed
D) A unit which is not part of a DFD

ANS: (C) A unit external …… being designed

5. Error report is an example of

A) Output process
B) Input process
C) Process
D) None of these

ANS: : (A) Output process

6. Data store in a DFD represents

A) a sequential file
B) a disk store
C) a repository of data
D) a random access memory

ANS: (C) a repository of data

7. …………… system consists of programs, data files and documentation

A) Conceptual
B) Logical
C) Physical
D) None of the above

ANS: (C) Physical

8. …………… is a good example of deterministic system

A) Life cycle
B) Computer Program
C) Software Program
D) None of the above

ANS: (B) Computer Program

9. The main ingredient of the report documenting the ……………… is the cost benefit analysis.

A) System Analysis
B) Feasibility Study
C) System Analyst
D) System Design

ANS: (B) Feasibility Study

10. A data flow can

A) Only a data store
B) Only leave a data store
C) Enter or leave a data Store
D) Either enter or leave a data store but not both

ANS: (C) Enter or leave a data Store

11. Changing the relationship with and services provided to customers in such a way that they will not think of changing suppliers is called ………….

A) Lock in customers
B) Lock out customers
C) Lock in competitors
D) Lock out competitors

ANS: (A) Lock in customers

12. …………… can be defined as data that has been processed into a form that is meaningful to the recipient and is of real or perceived value in current or prospective decisions.

A) Information
B) Data collection
C) Internal data
D) Sample data

ANS: (A) Information

13. Increased volume of sales is an example of ………….…. Benefit. Reduction of bad debts is an example of ………..

A) Tangible, Intangible
B) Tangible, Tangible
C) Intangible, Tangible
D) Intangible, Intangible

ANS: (D) Intangible, Intangible


14. A data cannot flow between a store and
i) a store ii) a process iii) an external entity

A) i and iii
B) i and ii
C) ii and iii
D) ii

ANS: (A) i and iii

15. In ISR which field indicates the purpose of job

A) Objective
B) Anticipated benefits
C) Output description
D) None of these

ANS: (A) Objective

16. After Development phase, a document is prepared

A) Program specification
B) Design specification
C) System specification
D) None of these

ANS: (C)System specification

17. In DFD which symbol represents the process

A) Circle
B) Rectangle
C) Square
D) Open ended rectangle

ANS: (A) Circle

18. The document prepared after study phase is known as

A) Performance specification
B) Design specification
C) System specification
D) None of the

ANS: (A)Performance specification

19. In which activity the management approve the requirements of the customer

A) Study phase report
B) Study phase review
C) Feasibility study
D) None of these

ANS: (B) Study phase review

20. In study phase activities, which activity filled the ISR by user

A) User review
B) User need
C) Initial investigation
D) System review

ANS: (B)User need

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