Online Simple Admission Form in PHP and MySQL

Project NameOnline Simple Admission Form in PHP and MySQL
Langugae Usedphp
User Interface DesignHtml, Javascript, jquery,Ajax
BrowserChrome, Google Chrome, IE,Opera
SoftwareXampp/Wamp/Mamp/Lamp (anyone)

In this project Student can easily fill up their form and the form is submitted to the Administrator of the system.

Installation Steps

Download Unzip file on your Computer.

Put file inside the root folder

Database Configuration

Database Configuration

Open PHPMyAdmin
Create Database saf
Import database saf.sql
Open browser put inside browser “http://localhost/simpleadmissionform”

Login Details

Log in as administrator put inside any browser “http://localhost/simpleadmissionform/admin”
Username: admin
Password: admin123

For Demo Click Below

For Administrator

Username: admin
Password: admin123

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