Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the default email client that accesses email from Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Outlook not only provides access to the Exchange Server email but also includes the functionality of contact, calendar and task management. Companies can also integrate Outlook with the SharePoint platform of Microsoft to share documents, project notes, collaborate with colleagues, submit reminders, and much more.

Microsoft Outlook can be used as an application on its own, but is also part of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Outlook 2010, is the latest edition of Outlook. The Apple Mac also offers Outlook; its current version is Outlook 2011.

What does Microsoft Outlook intend to do?

Microsoft Outlook is an application mainly used for the sending and receiving of emails. It can also be used to handle various types of personal data including timetables and related entries, assignments, contacts and notes

Microsoft Outlook Tips to Improve Productivity

1. Organisationate emails in folders.

2. Using Templates for Email.

3. Put Emails on the Desktop.

4. Schedule distribution of e-mails.

5. Show messages to email as conversations.

6. Stop unsolicited emails.

7. Use Adhesive Notes.      

8. CC Emails Setup Folder.

9. Use Cleanup Feature.

10. Automatically Sort Emails.

11. Send Common Replies using Quick Parts.

12. Use Quick Steps to Do Specific Actions.

13. Use of desktop notifications for very important emails.

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