Explain the steps involved in the prototyping

1.Define the goal and purpose of the prototyping.
2.Make plans for iterations (number, range) and evaluations (dates).
3.Transform the conceptual design to a first outline of the user interface and a first synopsis for the users’ information.
4.Design the paper prototype.
5.Let domain experts review the paper prototype regarding completeness and correctness.
6.Test the prototype’s usability.
7.Analyze the test results.
8.Decide on changes and additions regarding the conceptual model.
9.Design an executable prototype with users’ information. Hold design meetings regularly, during which the following are documented:
-implemented changes and additions.
-unresolved requirements and problems.
10.Review and test the usability of the prototypes.
11.Analyze the test results.
12.Decide on changes and additions regarding the conceptual model
13.Design the next prototype, and so on.

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