Multiple choice questions.

1. The dimension of e-commerce that enables commerce across national boundaries is called

A: interactivity                B. global reach              C. richness             D. ubiquity


2. E-commerce technologies have improved upon traditional commerce technologies in _______

A. richness                B. reach                C. both richness and reach               D. neither richness nor reach

Ans: C

3. Which one of the following is not one of the major types of e-commerce?

A. C2B                    B.B2C               C. B2B                D. C2C

Ans: A

4. Compared toB2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce is ________.

A. of equal size             B. slightly smaller             C. slightly larger            D. much larger

Ans: D

5. Which of the following is not considered to be one of the three phases of e-commerce?

A. innovation                 B. consolidation                    C. preservation                     D. reinvention

Ans: C

6. The idealistic market envisioned at the outset of the development of e-commerce is called ___________.

A. Bailey market               B. Baxter market             C. Bergman market             D. Bertrand market

Ans: D

7. The primary source of financing during the early years of e-commerce was _____________.

A. bank loans          B. large retail firms          C. venture capital funds           D. initial public offerings

Ans: C

8. The types of firms that benefited the most during the consolidation period of e-commerce were ______.

A. large, traditional firms              B. first movers               C. pure online companies           D. IPSs

Ans: A

9. All of the following are technologies used to gather information about you online expect ________.

A. spy ware                   B. cookies                       C. Gmail                    D. anonymizer

Ans: D

10. A __________ is the set of planned activities designed to result in a profit in a marketplace.

A. business model           B. profit model             C. business plan              D. revenue model

Ans: A

11. Which of the following is not a key element of a business model?

A. value preposition        B. competitive advantage         C. market strategy         D. universal standards

Ans: D

12. The source of revenue in a subscription revenue model is __________.

A. fees from advertisers in exchange for advertisements

B. fees from business referrals

C. fees from subscribers in exchange for access to content or services

D. fees for enabling or execution a transaction

Ans: C

13. Which of the following is an example of a portal?

A. Amazon             B. eBay           C. Yahoo         D. Facebook

Ans: B

14. All of the following are major B2C business model except __________.

A. content provider         B. industry consortium         C. transaction broker          D. service provider

Ans: B

15. The _________ business model involves an independently owned vertical digital marketplace for direct inputs.

A. e-distributor               B. exchange           C. e-procurement          D. private network individual

Ans: B

16. Compared to internet users, the number of cell phone subscriber is __________.

A. about the same         B. slightly fewer            C. much fewer         D. much larger

Ans: D

17. Industry structure is defined as __________.

A. the nature of the player in an industry and their relative bargaining power

B. a set of plans for achieving long term returns on the capital invested in a business firm

C. set of planned activities designed to result in a profit in a market place

D. how a company’s product or service fulfills the needs of a costumer

Ans: A

18. The area of actual or potential commercial value in which a company intends to operate is a _________.

A. market space             B. marketplace             C. perfect market           D. Bertrand market

Ans: A

19. A perfect market is one in which _________.

A. One firm develops an advantage based on a factor of production that other firs cannot purchase.

B. One participant in the market has more resources than the others.

C. there are no competitive advantages or asymmetries because all firms have equal access to all the factors of production.

D. competition is at minimum, as each niche market within an industry is served by the company with the greatest competitive advantage.

Ans: C

20. Which of the following is not a horizontal portal?

A. AOL              B. Yahoo           C. Salinet          D. MSN/Windows Live

Ans: C              

21. A situation where there are no differences among products or services,and the only basis of choosing

products is price is known as

A. a value web               B. value chain              C. profit                 D. commoditization

Ans: D

22. A strategy designed to compete in all markets around the globe is called a _________ strategy.

A. scope               B. differentiation               C. cost               D. focus 


23. Which of the following is not one of the stages of the development of the internet?

A. innovation               B. institutionalization               C. Globalization               D. Commercialization

Ans: C

24. In 1ff61, ________ published a “packet switching” networks.

A. Leonard Kleinrock               B. Ray Tomlinson               C. Bob Metcalfe              D. Vint cerf


25. The component of TCP/IP that provides the internet’s addressing scheme and is responsible for the.

actual delivery packet is_______

A. TCP                 B.  IP                C. the network Layer             D.the Application Layer


26. Which protocol permits users to transfer files from the server to client computer, and vice versa?

A. HTTP               B. SMTP               C. IMAP                D. FTP

Ans: D

27. __________ is a program that you can run from the DOS prompt in the windows operating system in

order to check the connection between your client and the server

A. ping               B. Telnet                C. Tracert                   D. SSL


28. Broadband is generally considered to be any communication technology allowing streaming audio and video at or above_______

A. 100 Kbps                  B. 56.6  Kbps                 C. 30 kbps                D. 10 Kbps

Ans: A

29. Which of the following connections allows the fastest download speeds?

A. DSL                B. cable moderm                  C. T1                    D. T3


30.Which of the following is not a limitation of the current internet?

A. insufficient capacity throughout the backbone                    B. network architecture limitations

C. insufficient reach                                        D. best- effort QOS


31. All of the following are goals of internet2 except_________

A. Creating a leading –edge very high –speed network capability for the national research community

B. Eliminating censorship from the internet

C. Enabling revolutionary internet applications

D. Ensuring the rapid transfer of new network services and applications to the broader internet community


32. Which of the following is a new and disruptive web features or service?

A. XML                    B. diffserv                        C. blogs               D. CDMA


33. All of the following are examples of 2G wireless phone technologies except______

A. CDMA                B. W-CDMA                     C. TDMA                   D. GSM


34. All of the following are wireless internet access network technologies except________

A. WI-FI                B. Bluetooth                C. Zigbee                    D. GigaPOP

Ans: D

35. Internet users account for about _______ of the world’s populations.

A. 7%                B. 17%               C. 27%                D. 47%


36. Which of the following was the first commercials web browser?

A. Mosaic                 B. Mozilla                  C. Netscape Navigator                   D. Internet explorer

Ans : C

37. All of the following are steps in the systems development life cycle except_______

A. Systems Design               B. Testing                 C. Implementations                  D. Debugging

Ans: D

38. A _______describe the flow of information at your e-commerce sit and the infrastructure that will

that will be used in the system

A. System design               B. Logical design                C. tactical design                   D. Physical design


39. All of the following are factors in optimizing web site performance except________

A. Page retrieval                    B. Page generation                   c. page delivery                     D. Page content

Ans: A

40. The largest component of a web site budget is ______

A. System maintenance                                                                B. system development                                      c.  content design and development                                            D. Telecommunications

Ans: A

41. The dominant web server software is_______

A. Zeus                 B. Apache                c. Microsoft IIS                d. Google

Ans:  B

42 . What web server functionally allows it verify usernames and process certificates and encryption information?

A. Processing of HTTP requests                             B. File transfer protocol

C. Data capture                                                           D. Security Services


43. The underlying computing equipment that the system uses to achieve its e-commerce functionality is called a________

A. Hardware platform                 B. Content platform                     C. transaction platform

D. Scalability platform


44. Redundant navigation refers to________

A.Pages that work ,load quickly, and point the customer toward your product offering

B. Simple, fool-proof navigation

C. a site working with the most popular browsers

D. alternative navigation to the same content


45. The set of standards for communication between a browser and a program running on a server that allows for interaction between the user and the server is known as _______

A. Active server (ASP)

B. Java server page (JSP)

B. Common gateway interface (CGI)

D. VBScript


46. E-commerce merchant server software includes all of the following except________

A. Online e-mail                B. Online catalog                   C. Online shopping cart                        D.  Online credit card processing

Ans: A

47. Which of the following is not a widely used midrange or high -end e- commerce suite?

A. Microsoft commerce server                     B. Web Trends Marketing Lab2                       C. IBM Web SPHERE Commerce                          D. Broadvision Commerce


48. The ability to change the product to better fit the needs of the customer is called_______

A. Customization                B. personalization                   C. privacy                D. accessibility


49. All of the following are tools for optimizing a web site’s location in search engine listing except_______

A. Keywords and page titles                 B. identifying market niches                     c. buying ads                    

D. benchmarking


50. The most common type of internet crime according to the IC3 is_______

A. Credit card fraud             B. Check fraud               C. Non- delivery               C. Auction fraud


51. In the e-commerce security environment, which of the following constitutes the inner-most layer?

A. people              B. data                 C. technology solutions               D. organizational policies and procedures


52. All of the following are major categories of computer viruses except_______

A. Macro viruses             B. File- infecting viruses                C. Script viruses               D. Trojan viruses


53. A worm is designed to spread_______.

A. from computer to computer                  B. from file to file on a computer               C. from web site to web site                D. from web site to computer

Ans: A

54. Malicious hackers who act with the intention of causing harm are______

A. White hats                B. Black hats                C. Gray hats                D. Brown hats


55. When hackers flood a web site with useless traffic to overwhelm the network, it is called______

A. phishing                 B. Pharming                C. a Denial of  service (DOS) attack                 D. spoofing


56. Which of the following is not a dimension of e-commerce security provided by encryption?

A. availability                  B. message integrity                 C. nonrepudiation               D. confidentiality


57. The most widely used encryption standard is________

A. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)                               B. Data Encryption Standard (DES)                     C. Universal Encryption Standard (UES)                               D. Optimal Encryption Standard(OES)


58. The most common form of securing channels is through_______

A. S-HTTP                 B. VPNs                    C. PPTP                 D. SSL


59. Firewalls perform all of the following functions except________

A. Forbids communications from untrustworthy sources                   B. Allows communications from trustworthy sources               C. Elimination viruses and other malicious attacks                 D. Filters traffic based on packet attributes


60. A security plan begins with a(n)is_______

A. Security policy                 B. risk assessment                   C. implementation             D. Security organization

Ans: B

61.The only payment system that is instantly convertible without intermediation is_______

A. Credit card    B. Accumulating balance    C. Stored value

Ans: D

62.The most prevalent online payment method is_______

A. Pay pal        B. Checks          C.  Credit cards       D.  debit

Ans C

63. What is the name of the division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that coordinates cyber incident warnings and responses government and private sectors?

A. US-CERT                   B. OECD                     C. IC3                     D. P3P


64. After sending e-mail, which of the following activities is most common among internet users?

A. Sending instant messages                      B. reading someone else’s blog                     C. Using a search engine to find information                       D. getting news


65. ________ influence the behaviors of others through their personality, skills, or other factors.

A. Opinion leaders                   B. Direct reference groups             C. Indirect reference groups           D. Lifestyle groups


66. All of the following are reasons more people don’t shop online except___________

A. lack of trust in online merchants          B. lack of convenience          C. inability to touch and feel the product                   D. fear of misuse of personal information


67. A goods or service for which there are many dealers supplying the same product, and all products in the segment are essentially identical is known as _________

A. commodity                 B. core product            C. actual product            D. augmented product


68. Complete price transparency in a perfect information marketplace is necessary for _______to take effect.

A. Bertrand’s Law              B. the Laws of universal prices               C. the Law of one price                 D. the Law of perfect commerce


69. A (n)___________ represents data as two – dimensions tables with records organized in rows and attributes in columns.

A. database management system                  B. date warehouse              C. SQL query                D. relational database

Ans: D

70. All of the following are types of data mining except__________.

A. selective data mining               B. query- driven data mining            C. model- driven data mining              D. rule- based data mining


Which of the following market entry strategies are the most common for existing firms?

A. first mover               B. fast follower              C. brand extender               D. alliances


72. The process of getting customers to pass along a company’s marketing message to friends, family, and colleagues is known as _________.

A. affiliate marketing               B. viral marketing             C. permission marketing              D. blog marketing


73. The per- product price consumers are willing to pay for a bundle_________ as the number of goods in the bundle increases.

A. decreases            B. Increase          C. varies from product to product          D. stays the same


74. Creating multiple versions of information goods and selling essentially the same product to different market segment at different prices is called ________.

A. versioning           B. bundling          C. transactive  content              D. price discrimination


75. All of the following are example of intelligent agent technology except_______.

A. automated responses systems               B. automatic shipping confirmation             C. order status reports                      D. online web bugs


76. E-business can be defined as____________.

A. the uninhibited flow of information and goods on web.

B. the use of the internet and the web to transact business

C. digitally enabled transactions and processes within an organization

D. commercial transactions involving electronic goods


77. The set of applications and technologies that allow users to create, edit, and distribute content online is known as___________.

A. Internet           B. Social networking               C. virtual life               D. web 2.0


78. Which of the following represents a limiting factor for the growth of e- commerce?

A. Persistent cultural attraction of physical markets and traditional shopping experiences.

B. Inadequate selection of goods compared to physical marketplaces.

C. E-commerce lacks the convenience of other methods of transacting business.

D. The potential audience for e-commerce is too low to support it as a widespread method of commerce.


79. The fastest growing form of online advertising is _________.

A. banner ads.             B. pop-up ads.        C. rich media/video ads.             D. pop- under ads.


80. All the following are among the most common categories of spam except _________.

A. fraud            B. Commercial products                  C. finance                    D. health(drugs)






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