Describe the main phases during the design phase. What are some major achievements?

Step 1 – Design Strategy: The project team will determine the appropriate means to develop the system based on the nature of the project (in-house custom development, buying pre-written software, or outsourcing development to a third party).

Step 2 – Design the system architecture: Describe the basic hardware , software, and networking that the new device needs to use.

Step 3 – Design the user interface: The overall structure of the system, user navigation through the system; system inputs and outputs are designed, and the screen appearance.

Step 4 – Design the database and/or files: Develop requirements for the data storage structure that will be introduced for the new system.

Step 5: Design the programs: Develop plans and outlines designed to implement new system functions and capabilities for each program.

The system specification that combines all the above-mentioned design specifications is the primary deliverable for the design process. The machine specification is the basis for the construction work to be carried out by the programmers.

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