Define Alpha Testing and Beta Testing?

Alpha testing is a type of acceptance testing; conducted before delivering the product to regular users or the public, to find any potential problems / bugs. The focus of this test is to simulate real users using techniques of a black box and a white box. The aim is to perform the tasks that could be performed by a typical user. Alpha testing is conducted in a laboratory setting and typically the participants are the organization’s own workers. To put it as plain as possible, this form of testing is called alpha only because it is performed early on, close to the end of the software development and before beta testing.

Beta Testing of a product is carried out in a “real world” by “actual users” of the software application, which can be viewed as a form of external user acceptance testing.Beta version of the app is released to a small number of end-users of the product to get feedback on the quality of the product. Beta testing reduces the risks of product failure and delivers increased product quality through customer validation.It is the final test before a product is shipped to customers. A major benefit of Beta Testing is direct customer input. This check allows the product to be evaluated in consumer environment.

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