Computer Fundamentals MCQ focuses on “The Output Unit”.

  1. The process of producing useful information for the user is called _

a) Controlling
b) Outputting
c) Inputting
d) Processing

Answer: (b) Outputting

Explanation: The Output Unit is responsible for giving the results to the user in the form of a printed report or visual display. The process is referred to as outputting. Controlling is nothing but the manner and sequence in which the instructions are being operated. Inputting means giving instructions to the system whereas, processing means performing certain operations and calculations

2. The output unit coverts the data entered by the user into computer understandable form.

a) True
b) False

Answer: (b) False

Explanation: The Output unit is responsible for converting the computer obtained data into user understandable format. The Input Unit is responsible for converting the data in computer understandable format

3. VDU stands for __

a) Virtual Display Unit
b) Visual Display Unit
c) Virtual Detection Unit
d) Visual Detection Unit

Answer: (b) Visual Display Unit

Explanation: A Visual Display unit is also referred to as the monitor who basically
is used to give the results or outputs to the user. It comprises of a cathode ray tube internally.

4. What does SVGA stands for?

a) Standard Visual Graphics Array
b) Super Visual Graphics Array
c) Standard Video Graphics Array
d) Super Video Graphics Array

Answer: (d) Super Video Graphics Array

Explanation: Super Video Graphics Array is a type of Visual Display Unit. It supports 1024 by 768 pixels with 60,000 different colors.

5. The devices that used to give single or multiple colored images and drawings are __

a) Monitors
b) Printers
c) Plotters
d) VDUs

Answer: (c) Plotters

Explanation: Plotters are the devices which are used to give colored images. They use ink pens or ink jets for drawing. Pens of different colors and shades are used for shading and styling

6. A special request originated from some device to the CPU to acquire some of its time is called __

a) Disturbance
b) Attenuation
c) Interrupt
d) Noise

Answer: (c) Interrupt

Explanation: An interrupt is a kind of request which takes control of the system bus for some time, then performs all the operations and gives back control to the CPU. It is usually identified by some number and is handled by the interrupt controller.

7. Line Printers that print one line at a time are _

a) Laser Printers
b) Inkjet Printers
c) Drum Printers
d) Chain Printers

Answer: (c) Drum Printers

Explanation: The drum printers have a solid cylindrical drum with characters embossed on its surface in the form of circular bands. It can only print a predefined set of character

8. A _______ monitor looks like a television and are normally used with non-portable computer systems.

a) CRT
b) LCD
c) LED
d) Flat Panel Monitors

Answer: (a) CRT

Explanation: A CRT (or the Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor looks like a television ideally. The flat panel monitors are thinner and lighter in comparison

9. Which of the following is not a function of the Output Unit?

a) It produces results that can be easily understood by the user
b) It accepts the results produced by the computer
c) It supplies the data and instructions to the outside world
d) It supplies the data and instructions to the computer for further processing

Answer: (d) It supplies the data and instructions to the computer for further processing

Explanation: The output unit is responsible for giving the results to the user in the form of printed report or visual display. It is not responsible for giving the instructions back to the CPU for processing

10. PCI stands for _

a) Peripheral Component Interconnect
b) Partial Component Interconnect
c) Peripheral Component Interaction
d) Partial Component Interaction

Answer: (a) Peripheral Component Interconnect

Explanation: PCI is a high-bandwidth bus that can function as a peripheral bus. Compared with others, it delivers better system performance

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