NOC Exam Schedule – Notice No : 13/2079-80

Loksewa Syllabus

परराष्ट्र, प्रशासन, लेखापरीक्षण र संसद (संयुक्त र एकिकृत परीक्षा) रा०प० तृतीय शाखा अधिकृत वा सो सरह

Section Officer Aptitude Test Question 2076

Beema Pradhikaran Old Question Assistant Director Admin

Beema Pradhikaran Old Questions Assistant Director Legal

How can Nepal be developed as innovative state through adoption of latest technological advancements of the world? point out challenges, risks and benefits of such technological adoption.


Electronic governance, also known as e-governance, is the use of information technology to deliver government services, exchange data, conduct communications, integrate stand-alone systems between the government and its citizens, businesses,…


The process of ensuring equal participation and opportunity for all in the governance system is called inclusion.

Open Vacancy for Nepal Airlines Corporation 2079

नेपाल वायुसेवा निगमको आ . व ७९/८० को पद्पुर्ती समितिको सुचना Pdf File : Click Here

Number of post for newly open vacancy of Public service commission Officer Level